Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Royal Dogs

This is the second time I've done this project & it's still a success!  The students just love drawing dogs! I originally borrowed this idea from Deep Space Sparkle,but have since made a few changes of my own! 

Day 1: First students looked at pictures of kings and queens that I have collected.  I asked them some questions to get them to start thinking about royalty and talking with their peers. "Who are these people? How do you know they are kings and queens? What are they wearing? What kind of expression do they have on their face?  What does it mean to be royal?"
After discussion students drew their dogs.  I did 3 different examples on the board, and students chose which one they wanted to follow along with.  

Day 2:  Students painted their dogs.  I set out the neutral colors and students mixed tints and shades to create the fur on their dog.  I also passed out gold paint for the crown. When they were done painting, I had them trace over their pencil lines with black paint.

Day 3:  Students first cut out their dog, and then set it to the side as they worked on the background paper.  For the background, students used texture plates and crayons to crate rubbings.  After their paper was full of rubbings and texture, they chose 1 color of watercolor paint to fill in the rest. Last step, glue the dog on! 

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  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog from Fine Lines. I just had to mention that I'm from Buffalo, too! Ya hoo!! Well.. it was great to meet you : ), hehe.