Wednesday, January 25, 2012


You know that time of the year, when it seems like half the school is out because everyone is sick? Teachers are sick! Kids are coughing everywhere!  There's just not enough tissues and hand sanitizer to go around!

I saw this time of the year as a "teachable moment."  Kindergarten students learned about the importance of staying healthy, washing their hands, covering their cough and getting enough rest!  We had a whole class discussion about how to stay healthy and what germs look like.  There are lots, and lots of different types of germs in the world.  Kindergartners were surprised to find out that germs are everywhere around them! The grocery store, school, in their home, pets, ect.

I also sunk in a few art skills to this health lesson! The germ bodies are created from an organic shape and texture rubbing.  Students practiced their fine motor skills of cutting and glue.  They also illustrated line variety to make the germs arms/hair.  Check out their germ illustrations below!

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  1. Oh man... I started noticing kids getting germy as soon as the weather was crazy between rain to cold to even more rainy, ie... maybe October, haha. We made germs out of model magic and assortment of things like pipe cleaners and beads. They were hilariously cute! I think making a germ is the perfect way to really show off one's imagination : ).