Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zentangle Portraits

Ms. Guffire introduced students to the surrealism art movement by sharing the works of Dali and Magritte.  Students describe the art as "dream like" and "bizarre".  For this project, they chose an image from a magazine to create a unique surrealist inspired portrait.  Students added zentangle patterns that focused on line variety and pattern.  Check out their artwork below! 

Emotion Masks

Another great lesson from our student teacher, Ms. Guiffre.  Kindergarten students created emotion masks, inspired by the movie Inside Out.  Ms. Guiffre read the story Journey Into The Mind and talked about the different emotions kids feel everyday. The students were able to choose any emotion they wanted to portray in their mask with their choice of colored tempera paint.  Kinders loved creating their masks, adding hair and acting out their emotions at the end of class! 

Metallic Robots

Third grade students created Metallic Robots with Ms. Guiffe (art room student teacher). Students learned about the simple machines and geometric shapes.  After drawing, they painted their robots using glitter and metallic paints! 

American Symbols Collage

Did I mention the art room has a student teacher right now?  Well, we do and we love her!!!  Ms. Guiffre taught this lesson on American Symbols, right in time for Presidents Day and George Washington's birthday! 

First students read the story I Pledge Allegiance by Bill Marvin which introduced a few of the american symbols.  They created the American Flag using torn paper.  Students created the Statue of Liberty using sharpie marker and watercolor paints. 

3D penguins

Second grade students listened to the story I Am Small by Emma Dodd.  The story is about a small penguin and his adventures in the world.  We decided to bring the main character to life by creating a three-dimensional sculpture!  First, students used newspaper and masking tape to build the base of their penguin.  Next class, they used "art goo" (paper-mache) to create the sculpture.  On the last day of this project, students add the final touches with tempera paint, googly eyes and a scarf!  

The small penguins turned out so cute!  

Friday, February 5, 2016

February Artist of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being named February's Artist of the Month: 

Kindergarten- Attia Nunley in Mrs. Clark's class
1st Grade- Elijah Larkin in Mrs. Slater's class
2nd Grade- Christopher Borja Gomez in Mrs. Buckalew's class
3rd Grade- Cat Constantini in Mr. Koch's class
4th Grade- Jheneya Cotton in Miss Van Leer's class
5th Grade- Kevin Orndorff in Miss Mc Math class

Monday, February 1, 2016

Andy Warhol Inspired Hand Prints

Kindergarten students created a series of hand prints inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol.  During this project, they used fine motor skills to fold paper, trace hands, and outline areas with tempera paint.  We also worked on "non-matching" of background and hand colors.  The final step was their favorite!  They got to dip their hands in black tempera paint to make the 6 hand prints! 

Tints of Winter

Fourth grade students learned about monochromatic colors during this lesson.  They used white tempera paint to create a variety of tints for the background.  Next, they used black tempera paint to illustrate a winter landscape silhouette, showing an understanding of distance and space.

Greek Columns

Third grade students illustrated their knowledge of Greek architecture that they learned in social studies class.  In art class, they drew the 3 different types of Greek columns; Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.  They created a contrasting background paper using bleeding tissue paper to showcase the white columns. 

5 Senses Painting

Last week was the Kindergarten "Day 0". Their theme was the 5 senses.  Students used their sense of smell when they worked with fruit scented tempera paint to create a still life picture of a fruit bowl.  Check out their masterpieces below!