Friday, September 5, 2014

Where's Waldo Inspired Board

Check out the welcome back to school bulletin board inspired by "Where's Waldo?"  The bulletin board is right out side the art room.  Stop by and see if you can find Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Straub!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014-2015 Schedule

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!  I am excited to start a new year in the art room!  Below you can find the schedule for the art room. 

Day 1:
8:25-9:05 5th grade- Luke
9:10-9:50 4th grade- Lucas
9:55-10:35 3rd grade- Mr. Koch
11:10-11:50 1st grade- Shamey
1:10-1:50 Kindergarten- Foster
2:00-2:40 2nd grade- Mrs. Koch

Day 2:
8:25-9:05 5th grade- Hixson
9:10-9:50 4th grade- Sodano
9:55-10:35 3rd grade- Young
11:10-11:50 1st grade- Nicholson
1:10-1:50 Kindergarten- Clark
2:00-2:40 2nd grade- Price

Day 3:
8:25-9:05 5th grade- Leighty
9:55-10:35 3rd grade- Van Leer
10:45-11:05 Pre-School- Frack
11:10-11:50 1st grade- Van Ness
1:10-1:50 Kindergarten- Gomez
2:00-2:40 2nd grade- Buckalew

Day 4:
8:25-9:05 5th grade- Farnam
9:10-9:50 4th grade- Dugger
9:55-10:35 3rd grade- Ward
11:10-11:50 1st grade- Weaver
1:10-1:50 Kindergarten- Butterfield
2:00-2:40 2nd grade- Wheeler

Day 5:
9:55-10:35 3rd grade- Cook
10:45-11:05 Miss Valentina's class
11:10-11:50 1st grade- Forno

Day 6:
8:25-9:05 5th grade- McMath
9:10-9:50 4th grade- Amster
9:55-10:35 3rd grade- Brink
11:10-11:50 1st grade- Slater
1:10-1:50 Kindergarten- Conosuito
2:00-2:40 2nd grade-Noel

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Native American Pictographs

Second grade students used beans to create mosaics inspired by Native American Pictographs.  

Totem Poles

The Kindergarten team hosted a "Feast" before the student's left for Thanksgiving break last year.  For decorations, the Kindergarten teachers asked me to make totem poles with the students.  We used recycled jugs and cardboard to create the totem poles.  Each class made their own totem pole.  I pulled students in small groups to paint the jugs and cardboard.  While students were waiting for their turn to paint, they did crayon drawings of totem poles.  Check out our art below! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Art Ed Blog of the Year

Head on over to the Art of Education blog!  They are having open nomintations for the 2nd annual Art Ed Blog of the Year! Also, if you don't already follow Jessica, her blog is a must for art educators!!  She has so many great ideas! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lady Liberty

First grade students learned about the artist Peter Max and his work with American Symbols.  They mixed the 3 primary colors together to create colorful background papers.  They used black oil pastel to draw the Statue of Liberty.  Check out Lady Liberty's portraits' below! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Temporary solution to storage issues

Hello again fellow bloggers!

Thank you for helpful comments!  I found 2 different solutions: 1. Delete old photos in picasa web albums.  2. Join google+.  (Supposedly, joining will giving you increased storage space..I haven't quite gotten that far yet).  

I looked into my storage space on Picasa and decided to delete a few old albums.  That helped free up some storage for new photos.  This is just a temporary fix, but it works for now!  I'm still not sure what to do about the future issues I will probably/definitely encounter. Also, I don't know about you, but google+ just confuses me.  So for now, I joined google+ but I don't understand how to use it.  Is it a hybrid of Facebook/twitter?  

If you want to check on your storage space with Picasa Web Albums, log in to picasa and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Something like this...

You are currently using 790 MB (77.23%) of your 1024 MB. Upgrade Storage

....will show up to tell you how much space you're currently using.

Hope this helps!  Thanks for the feedback & happy blogging!