Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Five Senses Painting

Kindergarten students learned about the 5 senses on their Day 0.  (Day 0 is a special resource day at my school, where 1 grade level has resource all day long!  They go to PE, Art, Music, Library, Computer and a Math station.  The resources for the other grade levels are canceled that day.  Every grade level will have a Day 0 once during the school year).

For Kindergarten's Day 0 in Art, they used their sense of smell!  Students used fruit smelling tempera paint to create their fruit bowl still life pictures.  Check out their artwork below!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jasper Johns Letters & Shapes

Kindergarten students learned about the Pop Artist, Jasper Johns.  Jasper Johns was famous for painting recognizable images such as the American Flag, Numbers or Letters.  Kindergarten students used foam letters and foam shapes to create their own masterpieces!  Check them out below!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Positive & Negative Shape

4th Grade students learned about positive and negative shapes in artwork.  To demonstrate their knowledge they created these lines and pumpkin pictures.  Check them out below! 

100th post!

Wow, I can't believe I'm at 100 posts already!  Thank you to all my followers!  Here's a look back at some of my favorite projects!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cezanne Apple Still Life

This was a really fun lesson to teach to 1st graders!  I set up apples on the tables as they walked in.  First graders talked about apple harvest in the fall, what kind of art qualifies as a Still Life, and how to add shading and texture to art.  This was a 3 day lesson.

Day 1: Apple Day
I showed students examples of Paul Cezanne's Still lives of fruit.  Students talked about the use of color in his work and subject matter.

Students drew from both observation and I demonstrated on the board.  I gave them yellow, green and red paper.  I told them to draw 3-7 apples.  After the apples were drawn, students used chalk to add color to the apple paper.  The last step was to add a black outline to the apples using oil pastel.

Day 2: Background & Texture Day
Students used texture plates and crayons to create a rubbing.  They used one color for the bottom (table), and a different color for the top. After the crayon rubbings were done, students used watercolor to create a resist.

Day 3: College & Gallery Walk Day
Students first cut out and glued their apples to their background paper.  I had to remind students that apples don't "fly".  They should sit nice on the table!  After that, students used white chalk to add a highlight to each apple and charcol for the shadows.

Once everyone was done and cleaned up, we had a "Gallery Walk."  Students walked around to each table to see their peers artwork.  After the Gallery Walk students shared their critiques with the class.  I was so impressed with their use of vocabulary!  Here are some of the critiques 1st grade students said:

-"I like background in Sarah's."
-"Cole did a good job cutting out his apples."
-"I like the colors and texture in this one."
-"I like how Madison put the big apples in the back, and the small apples in the front.  She overlapped."
-"I like the shading in that one.  It makes the apples look real."

Check out our Cezanne Inspired Still Life pictures below!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Kindergarten students learned about Pigs this week!  They talked about where pigs live, their habitat and other animals that live on the farm.  I also tied SHAPES into this lesson, and the concept of a background.  They used circles, triangles and a few rectangles to create these cute pink piggies! Check out the Kindergarten Pigs below!