Monday, October 3, 2011

Where's Waldo Bulliten Board

Wait, change that title! It should say, "Where's Mrs. Timmons & Mr. Collins?" 

The first week of art classes is always a little tough to plan.  There are so many things to go over! Rules, emeregncy procedures, where supplies are, student seats, etc.  All of thoes introduction things usually take up the 1st of my art class, which leaves me with only 20 mintuets to teach! So for the first project, I had all students create a self-portrait.  My only rule was, no stick people! I let the kids draw themselves how ever they wanted, doing whatever they wanted!  Next, I collected all the self-portraits and hung them up to create the "Where's Mrs. Timmons & Mr. Collins?" board! Students, partents and teachers have had a great time look for our principals and themselves!