Friday, May 13, 2016


Kindergartners listened to the story "The Grouchy Ladybug" by Eric Carle as inspiration for their ladybug collage.  When asked, "What lesson did the grouchy ladybug learn?"  students answered: "To share", "Not to fight other animals", and "to share the aphids with the nice ladybug." 

Students used colored construction paper and sharpies to make a ladybug collage.  Check out a few samples below! 

Comic Words

Check out the "Comic Words" created by Mrs. Weaver's 1st grade class during art.  They learned about artist Roy Lichtenstein and copied his Pop Art style to create their own personal artwork.  To begin this lesson, students used the "Sound Board" app on the iPads to discover sound words.  I tied in reading standards by discussing "sound words" and the definition of onamonapia.  Each student then chose their own comic word to illustrate.  They used the primary colors to paint their word, background and the ben-day dots.  At the end of class, students made a video using "Shadow Puppet EDU" app.  Check it out below! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pattern Zebra

Kindergarten students used a lot of different materials to create  these pattern zebras. (Paper, yarn, googly eyes, and buttons!)

They described the similarities and differences between their collage zebras and zebras in real life.  
-"These ones have lots of colors, and real zebras are only black and white."  
-"They don't really have button eyes."  
-"Mine is a rainbow zebra. That one (pointing to a picture in a book) only has 2 colors." 

Student also had to identify and create an "AB" pattern in the stripes of the zebra. 

This was a great lesson to connect math, science and art!   Take a look at the cute zebra collages below!