Thursday, March 10, 2011

Koi Fish Pond

Third graders learned about the warm and cool colors as well as a pond habitat in this lesson.  This was a 2 day project.  

Day 1 was painting day.  First I talked about the warm and cool colors.  Students identified the warm and cool colors and then brainstormed things that reminded them of each category.  Next they used a white crayon on water color paper, to draw waves.  The waves didn't show up, but the students were soon surprised to learn a technique that would show those white lines on white paper.  They used the cool colors in their watercolor paint set to paint the paper- and like magic the white waves appeared!  Next, on another piece of water color paper, students use a black crayon to trace 3 koi fish.  After tracing, they added details like an eye, scales, gills, and a mouth to make the fish look more realistic.  Students used the warm color water paints to add color to the fish.  

On the second day, students discussed what a koi fish habitat would look like.  We talked about the plants and other animals you might find in a koi fish pond.  Koi fish are originally from Japan, and are quick little fish that like to dart in between the waves and lily pads. After discussing the koi fish pond habitat, it was time to start assembling our pond.  Each student received a piece of green construction paper to use as a background.  The first step was to tare the pond paper (cool colored water color paper) into 6 strips.  I showed students how to apply glue to the edges of the water color paper on to the green background paper- making sure to leave open "pockets" for the koi fish to fit into later.  Next step, students used green tissue paper to add seaweed and lily pads.  I also passed out yellow and pink tissue paper, that students could squish up and use as a flower on the lily pad. The last step was to cut out and attach our koi fish!

Check out our koi fish ponds below!