Sunday, April 24, 2011

Greek Columns

Third grade students applied their knowledge of Ancient Greece, and created these column collages.  They identified and drew the three different types of Greek Columns- Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.  After drawing them in pencil first, they traced over them with sharpie markers.  For a background, students did a texture rubbing on a separate piece of paper using crayons.  They applied a watercolor wash over the texture crayon rubbing.  Once the background was dry, students cut out the three columns and attached them to the colorful background paper.

One Fish, Two Fish...

Red Fish, Blue Fish!

In honor of Dr. Seuss day back in March, I decided to do a One Fish, Two Fish project with Kindergarten.  This was a two day project.

Day 1:  We read the first few pages of Dr. Seuss's book and talked about the different types of fish we saw in the illustrations.  I did a directed drawing, demonstrating two different types of fish. (One standing, and one that was swimming).  After drawing the fish with black oil pastel, students used tempera paint to add color to the fish.

Day 2:  Students cut out their fish from the previous class, and set it aside.  I passed out a blank piece of paper, and students chose blue or red to paint stripes on their background.  After students painted, I came around with the glitter box to add some sparkle to their background.  Once the background was complete, Kindergarteners attached their fish with glue.


I got the idea for these "Dazzling Dino's" from Deep Space Sparkle.  She's has so man great ideas!

First, we read a story about dinosaurs that I borrowed from our school library.  I demonstrated how to draw two different type of dinosaurs- one standing up tall, and one on all fours.  Students were encouraged to add their own details (spikes, wings, horns, spots, etc).  We used oil pastels to add color to the dinosaurs, and chalk to create a sky and ground.  Everything was outlines with a black oil pastel to give it that polished off look.  Of course, the students knew more about dinosaures then I did... so they were very excited to share their knowledge!  Enjoy their results below!

Egyptian Profile Pictures

Second graders learn about Ancient Egypt, as part of their SOL's in social studies.  So, in art the students created Egyptian Profile pictures using scratch art.  We talked about why Egyptian portraits have the body facing forward, but the head sideways. (Ancient Egyptians thought that this kind of portrait made them look important).  They learned the basics about drawing portraits, and eye, nose and mouth placement.  Students had the choice between gold or silver scratch art paper.  For a finishing tough, they added a hieroglyphics border! Check out some of their wonderful work below!

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was award the Versatile Blogger Award by Fine Lines!  What an honor! Thank you so much! I love following her blog, and borrowing lots of great ideas for new projects.

The rules for accepting this award are: 
1. Thank the person who gave you the award & link back to them on your post.
2. Write 7 things about yourself.
3. Award bloggers that inspire you & contact them to inform them of the Versatile Blogger Award. 

So, seven fun facts about me...lets see; 
1. I am currently cheering for the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL playoffs.
2. I love planning, organizing and making lists of things.
3. I have set up an art studio in my basement.
4. My favorite color is teal.
5. In June, I will be completing my Masters in Education Administration.
6. My favorite food is probably peanut butter... it's so delicious!
7.  I love to ski in the winter & go to concerts in the summer! 

I have recently started following the Painted Paper blog, and would like to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award to them! Her projects are so vibrant and creative..such an inspiration! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

American Symbols Collage

First grade students learned about American symbols, and applied their knowledge to creating a work of art, that represented America. First, we brainstormed all the American symbols they could think of.  My favorite is "the big white pencil" as one first grader said. (AKA, the Washington Monument)  This was a two day project.

Day 1, I taught students how to draw the Statue of Liberty and a Bald Eagle.  They could add more symbols if they wanted to.  We used crayons to color them in.

Day 2, Students used a black oil pastel to draw the American Flag.  They used tempera paint to add color.  White the flag was drying, students cut out their symbols from the previous class.  We used 3D pop-dots to attach them to the flag!