Monday, April 11, 2011

American Symbols Collage

First grade students learned about American symbols, and applied their knowledge to creating a work of art, that represented America. First, we brainstormed all the American symbols they could think of.  My favorite is "the big white pencil" as one first grader said. (AKA, the Washington Monument)  This was a two day project.

Day 1, I taught students how to draw the Statue of Liberty and a Bald Eagle.  They could add more symbols if they wanted to.  We used crayons to color them in.

Day 2, Students used a black oil pastel to draw the American Flag.  They used tempera paint to add color.  White the flag was drying, students cut out their symbols from the previous class.  We used 3D pop-dots to attach them to the flag!


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