Sunday, April 24, 2011

Greek Columns

Third grade students applied their knowledge of Ancient Greece, and created these column collages.  They identified and drew the three different types of Greek Columns- Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.  After drawing them in pencil first, they traced over them with sharpie markers.  For a background, students did a texture rubbing on a separate piece of paper using crayons.  They applied a watercolor wash over the texture crayon rubbing.  Once the background was dry, students cut out the three columns and attached them to the colorful background paper.


  1. I'm sending you a Versatile Blog Award! Congrats and thanks for all of the beautiful work you share! :-) Please visit my site to get details.

  2. These Greek columns are beautiful.
    There is elegance in the lines; beautiful colors in the background.

  3. I think it's sweet that you are posting your student's artworks. They will surely appreciate the gesture.

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