Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Art

Below is a collection of some of my own paintings I've done in my spare time/college.  I thought I'd share my work as well as my students! All of my work is done with oils. 

Fruit plate. Oil on Masonite. 2006

This painting is actually 9 different Masonite panels.  It's 3 1/2 ft by 3 1/2 ft and currently resides at my parents house in NY. 

Wine Triptych 2.  Oil on Canvas. 2006

The shadow at the top is not there in real life!  These are 3 different canvas paintings. I used a pallet knife inside of a brush to paint these. 

Below is series of my work in progress. 

Countryside. Oil on canvas. 2011

Here's the final product!  This is a landscape of Culpeper, VA. 

Lamp. Oil on canvas. 2005

This painting can be hung vertical or horizontal. 

Niagara Falls. Oil on Canvas. 2005

Wine Dreams. Oil on Canvas. 2006

This is another painting that I did with the pallet knife rather then a brush. 

Wine Tryptic. Oil on Canvas. 2004

Colorful Countryside. Oil on Canvas. 2005

Hadley Grace's Tree.  Oil on Canvas.  2012