Friday, March 18, 2016

Celebrate Youth Art Month

March is Youth Art Month and there is a lot to celebrate!! In the next month or so, Yowell Elementary School will participate in three art events, showcasing our students amazing artwork! I hope you can come join the fun!

Art Event #1:
Culpeper County Public Schools is hosting the Youth Art Show at the State Theater this year.  Gallery hours will be Monday, March 21st through Thursday, March 24th, 10:00 am-2:00 pm.  Thursday, March 24th, the art teachers will able available at the State Theater to meet and greet with students and families during the reception.  Reception hours are Thursday, 5:00 pm-7:00 pm.  Light refreshments will be severed.  Art will be on display from all 6 elementary schools and 2 middle schools.  

Art Event #2:
Yowell Elementary School's 8th annual Talent & Art Show!  The talent show will showcase 14 preforming acts by students AND artwork by every student in the school.  That's almost 700 pieces of art that will be on display!! The Talent & Art Show is April 14th, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm.  Donations are welcome to benefit the YES Field Trip Fund.  Adults = $2.  Kids = $1.  

Art Event #3:
Yowell Elementary School's 2nd annual Art Auction.  Back again this year by popular demand, the art auction!  There will be approximately 50 pieces up for auction this year.  Funds raised will benefit the YES Technology Fund.  The Auction is April 28th.  Bidding will begin at 6:00 pm sharp! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Yarn painting

Ms. Guiffre taught 5th grade students about the Huichol culture and yarn painting. 

Yarn painting is and important art form in the Mexican culture of the Huichol people.  Many of the paintings had religious significance and some depicted legends or told stories of village life.  Yarn paintings were traditionally made by men, by pressing yarn into warm beeswax that had been spread onto wooden boards.  The border was made first, then the figure or  figures were outlines and filled with yarn of a contrasting color. 

5th grade students created their own symbols in their artwork, and used a similar process as the Huichol people to paint their picture using yarn. Check out their artwork below! 

Mali Mud Cloth

Third grade students have learned about the country of Mali (West Africa) with their Social Studies teacher.  In art class, we used colored constriction paper to create a Mud Cloth inspired  by Mali.  First, students learned about the art of Mud Cloth by exploring the Discovery Mud Cloth website.  Next, they split their paper into quarters, and created a different pattern and design in each section.  Students used markers on top of the colored construction paper, to add more detail.  


Third grade students created mosaics, inspired by Roman artwork.  Students were able to choose to design their own mosaic outline, or use one of the animal patterns I provided.  The turtle pattern was very popular! They used pre-cut tiles to add color to their artwork. 


It seems like this is the time of year when everyone gets sick!  Kids are sneezing on tables, coughing in their hands and then using the community crayon box, and germs are just running crazy in the art room!  Something had to be done! So, I created this lesson: Kindergarten Germs.  To begin, I read part of the book "Germs Make Me Sick" by Melvin Berger.  Students discussed their ideas on ways we could keep our bodies healthy and stop the spread of bad germs.  Afterwards, they used crayons and colored construction paper to create their own germ bug! Students learned about organic shapes, line variety and showing emotion in their artwork. Take a look at the germs below! 

Egyptian Landscape

In second grade, students learn about Ancient Egypt in Social Studies class.  Ms. Guiffre taught an art lesson that helped students bridge their social studies and art knowledge.  In this lesson, students learned about the desert and the landscape of Egypt.  They identified and created a background, middle ground and foreground using paint and torn paper. They added pyramids and camels to their collage as well.  This lesson was adapted from another great art educator, Cassie Stephens.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Artists of the Month

Congratulations to the follow stallions for being chosen March's Artists of the Month:

Kindergarten- Aaron Brown (Mrs. Gomez's class)
1st grade- Faris Gutierrez (Mrs. Nicholson's class)
2nd grade- Izzy Lowe (Mrs. Franklin's class)
3rd grade- Layne Stull (Miss Cook's class)
4th grade- Emily Shiflett (Miss Radic's class)
5th grade- Josie Clewell Clancy (Mrs. Leighty's class)

Stop by the art room tomorrow to pick up your prize!