Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall landscapes

Nothing beats a beautiful fall day in Virginia!  To celebrate the season, first grade students created some beautiful fall landscapes.  They used tempera paint for the background and leaves.  For the tree trunks, they cut scraps of newspaper.

The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse

In my opinion, art is the BEST resource because you can incorporate so many academic lessons into art!  My favorite subject to include is reading because there are so many wonderful children's books to choose from in our school library!  Take this one for example, The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse, by Eric Carle.   First grade students listened to the story and then were able to create their own "blue horse" illustration to go along with the book.  We have a lot of creative first graders!  Take a peak at their creations..... 

Rainbow Horse

Blue and Yellow Bird

Orange Fox

Red Shark 

Tee-pees and Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving from Kindergarten!  

For most of November, we have been working on tee-pees and turkeys!  Tee-pee making was a two day event.  First, they painted the background.  The next day kindergarten students learned about lines and patterns.  They decorated their tee-pees with different kinds of lines then practiced their cutting skills to finish off the project!  We were able to finish the turkeys in just one 40 minuet class!  Students used oil pastels and  watercolor paints to draw and paint their turkeys.  Check out their artwork below & hope to see you at the Kindergarten feast tomorrow! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

November Artist of the Month

Congratulations to the following amazing artists who were chosen to be the November Artists of the Month! 

Kindergarten- Joseph Cardenas Chavarna (Mrs. Lichwa's class)
1st Grade- Gracie Weimer (Miss Shamey's class)
2nd Grade- Brandon Ramirez (Mrs. Koch's class)
3rd Grade- Jaden Lam Lemus (Mrs. Ward's class)
4th Grade- Ian Cavanaugh (Mrs. DeGraff's class)
5th Grade- Brittany Fitzgerald (Mrs. Carder's class)