Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I did this project last year, but I think it turned out even more fabulous this year!  On day one, I started with basic drawing techniques such as eye placement for the peacock, the body and then focused on drawing BIG feathers.  I skipped the pencils, and had students just draw with black oil pastels.  They seem to draw bigger once I take the pencils away. Also on day one, they painted the eye features on bright colored paper.  I set out the pearlized paints and gold for them to use. 

On day two, students painted their peacock body's and feathers.  Some students chose to create a pattern, other stuck with one color for the feathers.    Once they were done painting, I passed out black paint and thin brushes so they could add a black outline.  This step is very important! The black outline seems to make the peacocks pop! Last step, they cut out the eye feathers and glued them to their beautiful birds! 


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