Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Totem Poles

The Kindergarten team hosted a "Feast" before the student's left for Thanksgiving break last year.  For decorations, the Kindergarten teachers asked me to make totem poles with the students.  We used recycled jugs and cardboard to create the totem poles.  Each class made their own totem pole.  I pulled students in small groups to paint the jugs and cardboard.  While students were waiting for their turn to paint, they did crayon drawings of totem poles.  Check out our art below! 


  1. These are the best totem poles I've seen! Excellent project. What paint did you use? Acrylic?

    1. Thanks Patty! Before the students began painting, I took all the bottles and jugs outside and spray painted them. The decorations and designs are just tempera paint though!