Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Is Art Important?

The first week of art classes always feel so rushed!  There are rules, seats, emergency procedures and everything else to cover that there is hardly time to start an art project!  This year I tried a different approach.    After going over the information part, I had students work on a collaborative bulletin board about "Why Art Is Important."

First, they talked to their face partner about who can make art.   Ideas they came up with were: students, babies, teachers, moms, dads, Everyone!!  After establishing that everyone can make art, students talked to their shoulder partner about why people make art. After sharing ideas with the class, each student wrote down a reason of "why art is important" on a colored piece of paper.  Some students even added illustrations to go along with their reason.   Check out why Yowell students think art is important below!


  1. A great activity to start the year and give purpose to the new term! Fantastic!!

  2. If only we could all make art and then get rich and famous! LOL, These are great. It's so important that students have discussions about why art is important in the world and important to them, it helps to validate our subject.
    Best of luck in the new school year!

  3. Love this one... might have to borrow it!

  4. Great idea for a bulletin board- I love the responses!