Monday, August 1, 2011

Turtles on a Lily Pad

For the Kindergarten Day 0 clay project, I decided to do mini ceramic turtles.  The first 3 classes just made the mini turtles.  But, by the end of the year I decided that the Kindergartens (almost 1st graders now) needed a little extra challenge.  So, they added a lily pad to their sculpture.  

I read a few different stories about turtles and where they live.  We talked about a pond habitat and other animals that live in the pond. (Science SOL!)  After much discussion and demonstration, students used a pinch pot technique to create the mini turtles.  They created a mini pinch pot and then turned it upside down to create the shell.  They used their fingers to pinch and pull the head, legs and tail. Next they used the slab method to create the lily pad.  Kindergarteners also used the "score and slip" method to attach the turtle to the lily pad. 

Once the scultpures were fired, I provided students with yellow, green, white, and brown tempera paint to decorate and add color to their final projects! 

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