Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sock Monkey!

I found this lesson on the DeepSpaceSparkle blog.  She did this lesson with 3rd graders, but I adapted my lesson for Kindergarteners.  I borrowed a sock monkey from our school's library to show as an example.
 Kindergartners talked about the different types of antique toys, and brainstormed some of their own examples.  This was a two day project.  On the first day, students focused on drawing using simple shapes (ovals, circles, rectangles, semi circles).  After the drawing was complete, they used tempera paint to add color. The second day was decoration day!  I set out trays of ribbon, buttons, beads, sparkles and scrap paper.  Students created shirts, hats, crowns and added other embellishments to their sock monkeys.

Check out their sock monkeys below!

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