Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Royal Dogs

I found the idea for this lesson on the Deep Space Sparkle site.  I did this project with 3rd graders over three different art days.

Day 1 was drawing day.  I had pictures and line drawings of three different types of dogs.  Students chose 1 dog to draw, as I demonstrated on the white board.  They started with pencil first, and then traced their work with black oil pastel.

On art day 2, third graders got the opportunity to mix paints to create colors to add to their dog.  I gave each table a pallet of neutral colors for the dogs fur.  They were allowed to mix the paints to create their own tints and shades for their dogs fur.  I also gave them silver and gold for the crown.

Day 3 was the finishing day & collage day!  First, students retraced the black outlines from their drawing.  The black oil pastel outline gave their drawing that special extra "pop".  Next, students used crayons and texture plates on a separate piece of paper to create the background.  After they were done with their rubbings, students used water color paints to add a color wash.  For the sake of time, I limited students to one color of paint, their choice.  The final step was to cut out the dog drawing and glue it to the background paper!

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